Selecting Photos

How to pick the best photos for the job

Capturing or selecting the perfect photos for a project can sometimes be difficult. Visit our page about photo best practices to learn what to do and what not to do when taking your own photos.

Here are some tips about how to select the best topical, environmental, and cultural brand photos for your project. The images on this site are provided at a resolution that is suitable for print materials.

Topical Photos

Topical photos allow your subject to walk, talk, and move through their environment authentically. These photos should feel organic, casual, and confident and focus in on the subject.

Environmental photos

Environmental photos transport your audience to an environment—even if they’ve never been in it. These photos should capture the beauty of a space and emphasize what makes it special or unique.

Cultural photos

Cultural photos capture the spirit and uniqueness of the community you are trying to highlight. These photos display your campus or department lifestyle and reflect the experiences of faculty, staff, and students.

A group of students chatting

Our photographers are here to help

Our team specializes in each category of photography to communicate Indiana University’s brand messaging artistically and effectively. For more examples of topical, environmental, and cultural photos, visit our brand guidelines.

If you and your team need something more specific or advanced, our photographers are experienced in everything from event coverage, to editorial imagery, to the headshots of your dreams. Request photos to get started.

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